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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Road to Embassy [1]

Last Thursday (August 13)... me and my fellow friends went to Embassies... Morning session with Japanese Embassy, and afternoon with Brunei Embassy... why embassy?? actually this is our assignment for the 'International Marketing' subject... we need to organize an interview session with the local people (orang embassy lah tu) about the culture practice in that country... well, we need to learn more about the country that we desire to penetrate their 'business industries' (ikut suka aku jer nak explain)... a lot of questions that we ask to the representative... (especially yang kat embassy brunei tu...)

For Japan... we were informed about the product's price (fruits, E & E, automobile, food etc)... surprisingly to heard that the price were beyond our imagination... can you ever imagine the price of rice (5kg) were amount to RM92... totally shocked!!! The meat, 1kg was RM300... Oh My Goodness... But Mr Taichi already told us that the standard of living in Japan is actually the same with Malaysia... because they earn triple from the Malaysian, there goes the price (also triple)... so have we decided to go and set up a business in Japan??? I said why not?? hahahaha
by the way, there are also Malaysian food in Japan such as, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai etc (his favorite one is Nasi Goreng hehehe)

Now afternoon session with the Brunei Embassy... different with Japan, Brunei shows that the citizens were treat like in heaven (eh, macam lah aku penah masuk syurga huhu)... all the education fees were supported by the Government of Brunei... we were informed that almost every citizens own at least two cars for a person... then I eagerly asked, how to apply citizenship as Bruneian... the answer was; have to be permanent resident for 25 years... what??!!! hahaha nevermind then... just need to married with the local residents hehehe

It snap2 time!!! but i have few pictures only... the rest please Miss Eiyra, upload it okay!! hehehe

picture taken in Japan's Embassy... very strict woa... ooppsss forget too mention, from left we have Apek, Shane, Mr Taichi, Syah & Wen....

next the guys with the reprentative from Brunei's Embassy... from left Wen, Syah, Syed, Mr Megat (if i'm not mistaken lah), Apek, kay & Din...

then we have the gurls... from left, Usher, Shane, Yana(stand), Lini (sit), As, Mr Megat, Ina, Yani, Eiyra, Erni & Aini....

two more embassies to go!!!!

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