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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy & Blackberry Plan

Rajin plak aku nak promot neyh. bagi yang minat pakai Samsung & Blackberry, ni aku ada baca info & share kat korang. Details? read further from the links given :)

Mula2 pasal Galaxy.... :)

Looking for mobility and connectivity on-the-go without burning holes in your pocket? Look no more, designed for the fast and furious, the Galaxy W serves with 1.4GHz processor and a spacious 3.7” touch screen. With this impressive gadget in your hand, you’ll be gaming, video-viewing and web-browsing at every corner! And hey, it’s built with mammoth memory of 4GB! Now, do you want one? click here <----

Next pasal Blackberry plan plak:

Tune Talk has lowered its low monthly rate of RM 28 to RM 18 for its prepaid Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) plan! Subscribe now! <----

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