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Thursday, December 15, 2011

iPhone 4s

Okeyh, ari tuh aku dah share pasal Samsung ngan Blackberry. (korang xtahu??? Check balik kat sini). So kali ni pasal I-Phone pulak.

Banyak sangat deal IPhone ni sampai aku pun xtahu nak pilih yang mana satu. Tapi pengalaman aku, kalo ada phone baru ni, orang sanggup beratur panjang. Katakanlah kul 12 tengahari depa start jual phone, pagi2 lagi orang dh bersusun wok. Gila hebat!!

Nah info pasal I Phone 4s:

It’s faster, it’s sharper, it’s better. The iPhone 4s is now here - Kick off your coming new year with the latest addition in the iPhone series, the iPhone 4s.

Maxis is bringing you the iPhone 4s, which comes complete with a whole pack of revolutionary new features. From the much talked about Siri, to a dual-core A5 processor and all-new 8MP optics, your Maxis iPhone 4s will be the most powerful and enjoyable gadget yet.

Already tied up to another plan? No worries, because Maxis allows contract extension for your current Maxis plans. So what are you waiting for, with their iValue plans, Maxis is the one to go for! Click Here

Ok untuk promotion lain kat bawah ni aku bagi link2 berkaitan:

Can’t stop thinking about iPhone 4S? Choose an iValue plan and go for it!

p/s: orang kata sharing itu caring hehehe

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