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I declare myself as an Observer; I love to watch the 'actor' in the real world... Their characters obviously different from one to another... Then I usually questioning myself, do I look like just like them? Maybe I just can't fit to voice what I feel inside, but this is the place where my fingers start to dance (variety dance styles), dance with the musics created by my mind... if I can't reach the stars above us, just let the stars shinning in my page... Here I am a 'lasykar', fight for myself...
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Bukan nak story pasal mi Cintan yer......

Shud I say I'm Happy?! loL.............. of coz I'm Happy!!!!


B'coz I'm attached hahahahahaha dan jugak My BFF; Eddie pun dh jumpa cinta hatinya jugak hahaha only selang satu minggu jer kami bertemu jodoh huhu

Dengar cerita, dia pun tengah bahagia sekarang... aku kiranya nak tumpang bahagia, tapi aku pun tengah bahagia, so xyah tumpang la [hahaha apa ntah aku tulis]...

Semoga kekal yer,

~Me & S~
~Eddie & A~

*gbr extract dri encik Google huk3

3 KriTik:

flyz said...

wooo...ngh bahagia...tahniah!!!

Penapenis said...

hurmmm hurmmmmm hurmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lasykar Langit dan Bumi said...

Flyz: Tq very much.... hehehe

Penulis: hmmmmmm hehehe

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