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Friday, April 17, 2009

My Big2 Family [1]

I think its time for me to publish about my family.... (ni pun sebab kawan aku yang suggest) thank you ED!!!! hehhehe.... so from the pictures below you can now see the differences in our faces.... some may look alike but some may not..... but we still share the the same father and mother eh.... huhuhuhu try to arrange us in proper order (who's the elder, and who's the youngest)

Let's start with family picture, taken in the year of 2008.... still fresh eh.... huhuu a bit messy huhhuuhu but never mind because we are not too 'schematic mannequin' hehehehe

Next is my father, was born in 29 March 1942.... used to worked under military services.... he told us about how he involved in the tragedy '13rd May 1963'.... and also the force to captured Chin Peng... although he was not as important person as other 'soldier' (tak tertulis pun dalam buku sejarah nama bapak aku ni), still i'm proud of him.... owh.. forgot to mention his name; Kassim Bin Mohamad.... the youngest son in his family (2 org beradik jer pun).... once worked with Pos Malaysia as Guard....(maklumlah bekas askar....) He can speak various languages, but enough not to show in front of us.... my father rarely share his story to us, i don't know why.... (jangan2 bapak aku ni ada super power kot, macam xmen tu kuikuikui) now, he is retired already (duk kat umah nonton tv jer.... sambil makan kuaci uhuuhuu).......

alright, next things is should a story about my sister and brother right??? but before that, can anyone arrange us in the right order by looking at our appearance?? anyone??? the only clue that i can give is, including me we all together are 10... hehhee

....to be continued

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