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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kebodohan yang teramat

I just don’t know who I should call that kind of moron. Maybe I could be the one? Or the three of them are the truly idiots that has lost their mind. Let’s the story begin. I went back home at 3 o’clock in the morning. Just finished doing my job at Steven’s for hours. I decide to just walking rather to ask for help from my friend. Not enough bucks for a cab and no bus services at this hour. Beside, I am a lone ranger, always doing things alone. My friends always inquire me, am I not afraid of walking by myself? Simply I said, why should I, I’m not disturbing people. At all times, I keep it to myself, no need to be scare to people. They all human being, the same nature as me; hurt when got hit. Although I have zilch knowledge about martial art, still I believe in myself to confront people. Not to be cocky, but everyone need to be confident of themselves. My educator once said; you have to be head and shoulder to others at least in one aspect.

Let’s continue with the chronicle. As always, I used the same path to my ‘villa’. Two of my chat partner advice me to be careful on way back. For me, their penny of thought is just making me scared. Beforehand, I never think of negative circumstances that I have to face. But now, seriously I feel very insecure. I choose to take the different route that morning. Almost there to my ‘villa’, still I doubt about the safety of this residential area.

It’s like a wish came true. Three ‘kids’ following from behind; one person on a bike, the other two were pedestrians like me. I speed up my steps, deeply in my heart I pray to God; please help me. I don’t know when the biker step in front of me and block my way. He told me stop, but I won’t because I know what they want from me. The other running to me, ask for my money. I don’t give a damn about the money as I didn’t have much penny in my pocket. I give them 3 bucks albeit I don’t want to. Then they exhort me to hand over my Nokia. Though my Nokia is not exorbitant compare to other, it has sentimental value to me. Shit! I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to shout; with hope anyone will come to be my savior. Panicking, the boys hit me straight to my face. I stumble down, but still struggling; defend my belongings. One of the boys seals my mouth, and with my tiny strength I do hit the boys randomly. One of them gets one of my blows. Minutes of struggling, there’s auntie from neighborhood shouting from balcony. I don’t know the purpose, maybe to cast out the boys. Then her husband and son came out from the house killed the intention of the ‘kids’. Chagrined that they could not take away my cell phone, the last ‘kid’ kicks me on the head. They run away from scene as they afraid to be caught.

The family really done very good job in helping me escape from the ‘pain’. They ask if I knew the ‘hooligans’ or not. Maybe they think that I in cahoots with the stooges. I said, I don’t know, I don’t even know where they came from. Thanks to the family again. I’m heading back to my ‘villa’ which is meters away. Then I was stopped by the other neighborhood residents. Politely he asks me to stay for a while and he start to search for the ‘kids’. While waiting, his brother question on few particulars. I answered it as it not brings harm to me. 10 minutes are long enough to wait. I rather get back home as soon as possible. At last, he came back with no find any suspects. I don’t care about the ‘poor kids’ anymore. All I think is my room, my bed and my sleep. After long questions and answers session, I finally can go back. The younger brother drives me home. Thanks Arin and family.

Moral of the story; as for me, do not walk alone (I’m not fan of Liverpool eh), especially late at night. It is dangerous and very open to be in harm. For the ‘kids’; “kecik kecik tak nak mati, bila dah besar menyusahkan aku!” From their sartorial and tonsorial, I knew that they still students not school leavers. I got bullied by ‘kids’. May I remind you, there are three of them against me; myself and I. Of course I will lose to them. Am I take this lesson and won’t repeat again (walk alone)? I don’t think so. I am what I am, but I this incident do taught me well.

What do I lost? Lost 3 bucks ONLY. Still a money what? My notebook?! Blimey, the screen is wreck! Stupid bloody fool kids!!!!!!!!!!!

What do I get? Bruise on my face! Bullshit these kids, curse you! Now I have a ring in my eyes, BLACK ring!! Experience that I’ll never forget. Thanks for Arin and family again.

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