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I declare myself as an Observer; I love to watch the 'actor' in the real world... Their characters obviously different from one to another... Then I usually questioning myself, do I look like just like them? Maybe I just can't fit to voice what I feel inside, but this is the place where my fingers start to dance (variety dance styles), dance with the musics created by my mind... if I can't reach the stars above us, just let the stars shinning in my page... Here I am a 'lasykar', fight for myself...
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maaf yer semua

Sorry guys... lama tak update... tak tahu nak susun ayat neyh...

Pape pun, summary bulan February still terbaik, just like January... hope it last forever...
pas neyh akan update k... bermula dengan tag by Penulis... jeng3

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