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I declare myself as an Observer; I love to watch the 'actor' in the real world... Their characters obviously different from one to another... Then I usually questioning myself, do I look like just like them? Maybe I just can't fit to voice what I feel inside, but this is the place where my fingers start to dance (variety dance styles), dance with the musics created by my mind... if I can't reach the stars above us, just let the stars shinning in my page... Here I am a 'lasykar', fight for myself...
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Friday, March 2, 2012


I've read one of my friend's status and made me asked to myself. 

"I once asked an old man: which is more important, to love or to be loved?
He replied: which is more important to a bird, the left wing or the right wing?"

The truth is, how far you could make it into reality; to love and be loved at the same time?

Let me give you some situation:

Situation A: I love Balqis, but she don't even love me.
Situation B: Tiara love me, but I don't love her.

So which one is better for me to choose? Some say, I should choose Situation B. Reason: eventually I will fall in love with Tiara, just have faith and patient. But then again what about 'eventually Balqis will fall in love with me, having faith and patient as a measure'


***humang aihhh speaking pulak aku nih

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